Director Sujeeth is backing his assistant director, A.D. Prashanth Reddy, as he steps into the director’s chair for the film Bhaje Vaayu Vegam. Sujeeth joined an interview alongside the film’s lead actor, Karthikeya, to show his support.

During the interview, Sujeeth shared exciting details about his next project with OG and hinted at his desire to direct Prabhas once again after Saaho.

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During the interview, Sujeeth spilled the beans about his future plans, including a desire to direct Prabhas in a fun action-comedy, on the lines of the recent Hollywood film, The Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling.

He mentioned, “While many people expect Prabhas to stick to serious roles, I’m keen on creating a thrilling yet humorous movie filled with a lot of action scenes.”

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Sujeeth also reminisced about his happiest moment, which was when he confirmed his movie with Prabhas after the epic success of Baahubali.

He expressed his dream of directing a movie featuring both Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas.

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Sujeeth really dropped the ball with Saaho. Despite having a massive budget and top-tier actors like Prabhas, Sujeeth couldn’t even deliver a bare minimum film.

It’s a shame because Prabhas had so much potential post-Baahubali, and Sujeeth just couldn’t capitalize on it.

Here’s hoping he redeems himself with Pawan Kalyan’s OG. Maybe then, he’ll earn another shot at working with Prabhas.