Mahesh Babu Skin ToneMahesh Babu is arguably the most handsome Telugu star. His glamour maintenance are next to none.

Coming to the topic, Mahesh Babu has shared a new set of snaps in which he looks usual best.

What’s more interesting here is that more than Mahesh’s fans, women in general on social media are commenting on Mahesh’s complexion and tone.

Well, Mahesh follows a super strict diet and he has a strict training regime as well.

In these pics, his super fair complexion and looks catch the attention right away. The female folk on social media are also discussing the same.

Women are the ones who are usually following strict regime when it comes to glamour. But in men, Mahesh is on a league of his own.

On the work front, Mahesh will next be seen in Guntur Karam, and as usual, he looked impeccable in the recent teaser