Disgusting Comments On Charan's Ayyappa MalaFan wars are one thing and personal remarks are one thing. There is a fine line here that shouldn’t be overstepped. But a few social media users have been crossing the line while commenting about Ram Charan.

“This is off-season. Devotees don’t take Ayyappa Mala this time of the year. But Ram Charan hurriedly took the mala to gain Hindutva image in Northern India. North people attributed ‘Lord Rama’ image to Charan after his portrayal of Alluri Seetharama Raju in RRR. He is making the most of it now by taking up Ayyappa Deeksha and trying to gain the Hindutva image.” an anguished fan commented.

First and foremost, there is no specific timeframe for Ayyappa Mala. A devotee can take up the Deeksha whenever he wants. Moreover, this isn’t something new for Charan. He he has been taking Ayyappa deeksha every year for many years now. So, it is not right to question his integrity when it comes to this devotional aspect.

Charan’s all-black attire and barefoot avatar have been catching the attention of the North crowd. This is when the disgusting comments on his Ayyappa Mala originated.