Hero Ram Pothineni is back as Ustaad iSmart Shankar alias Double ISMART. The film directed by Puri Jagannadh which is a sequel to iSmart Shankar is nearing completion with its shoot. Interim, the makers kick-started the promotions, by releasing a teaser, on Ram’s birthday occasion.

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Like the first part, Ram is shown as a crazy guy who can’t stop himself from dancing while listening to mass music, whereas he likes to flirt with girls. On the flip side, he is unstoppable when he fights with somebody.

It is an extension of the first part character. The first part worked majorly because of the freshness of seeing Ram in such a character. It is important to add extra dose to the character without the audience getting the Dejavu feeling.

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Everything from the getup to body language is same as iSmart Shankar. So, the change should be from the characterization. Puri was once known for sketching very good hero characters. For once, he should bring that back.

Like the first part, Ram’s body language, energy, and dialogue delivery are impressive.

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Sanjay Dutt is introduced as the villain in the teaser. Such a big star will naturally add to the appeal of the film. Telugu directors are known for trying crazy things with Hindi villains. Puri should take care of that aspect too.

The teaser also introduced Kavya Thapar as Ram’s ladylove.

The last sequence with a heavy crowd at a Shiva Linga looks promising. It will be interesting how the sequence is effectively used. Tracks involving Gods especially in the Climax can work wonders if rightly written and placed.

The second part looks high on production values when compared to the first.

Finally, the teaser is a decent cut considering it to be an extension of iSmart Shankar. Teasers are only purposed to show a little glimpse of the character and World. We will have to wait for the Trailer to check the Double impact promised.

The makers will announce the release date soon.