Salaar USA RightsIf everything went to plan, Salaar would’ve hit the theaters tomorrow, 28 September and the USA premieres would’ve commenced in a few hours from now. But that didn’t happen as the film got postponed.

The postponement was made after the advance sales were opened already in the USA and the tally even crossed the $500K mark. The USA distributor would’ve sustained miscellaneous losses due to the postponement and the cancellation of the confirmed shows in the USA.

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The latest we hear is that the USA distributor of Salaar has orchestrated a new deal with the producers of the film and has talked them into 25% reduction in the overall price of the distribution rights. This is in view of the postponement of the film and the consequent additional costs.

Apart from the show cancellation and the subsequent hassles with the theater chains who will be watchful of the distribution house’s next releases, there is also the common factor of the interest amount for the money paid by the distributor with the original release date in mind.

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The postponement will mean that they will have to bear these interests accumulation as well. So, they’ve approached the makers regarding the reduction of the deal price and have managed to get a 25% of reduction in the same.

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