Actor Vijay

Actor Vijay received a warm welcome from fans in Thiruvananthapuram as he arrived for the shooting of ‘GOAT’ directed by Venkat Prabhu. He’s sporting a new hairstyle and a clean-shaven look for the film, where he plays a dual role, including a younger character.

Many cinephiles, including his diehard fans, found this look unappealing and weird and questioned the director’s choice, fearing it might not appeal to audiences.

In ‘GOAT,’ Vijay portrays both an elderly man and a younger one, with one of them reportedly being a RAW agent. This marks his first full-fledged appearance without his trademark mustache. However, significant VFX and special effects are expected to enhance his appearance.

If the VFX doesn’t do a good job, then the film might backfire at the box office. We have seen how some films flopped badly when the hero’s appearance wasn’t well-received by the audience.

Fans hope for more crowd-pleasing films from Vijay before he transitions into politics, rather than risky ventures like ‘GOAT,’ directed by inconsistent makers like Venkat Prabhu.