Father Expresses Doubt Over Kathi Mahesh DeathFamous film and political critic, Kathi Mahesh who suffered a road accident last month passed away while being treated in Apollo hospitals, Chennai. He battled death for fifteen days and finally gave up. Meanwhile, Mahesh’s father, Obulesu expressed doubts over his death.

“There are doubts over the death. The hospital pronounced his death to the media without informing the family members in the hospital. There should be a judicial inquiry into this. Currently, my health condition is not cooperating. I am not in a position to fight for justice now,” his father said.

The other day, MRPS Founder President Manda Krishna Madiga also expressed doubts over the death. Kathi Mahesh is very close to the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh. The Government even gave him financial assistance of 16 Lakh Rupees for his medical treatment.

The judicial inquiry may not be difficult if his family pursues the Chief Minister.