Gaami Trailer

The makers of Vishwak Sen’s non-mainstream film, Gaami have dropped the theatrical trailer and it shows good promise. The first thing that catches the attention is the excellent visual presentation and technical finesse.

Vishwak is seen as an Aghora with a peculiar problem and the cure for the same puts him through a gutting journey in harsh conditions of Himalayas. He has undergone a noticeable makeover for the film and the effort is there to be seen.

The quality of the background works and mainly the visual presentation are good for this Vishwak starrer. The director Vidyadhar is evidently coming up with something big.

Though the film might cater to a section of the audience, no compromise is seen in terms of making and presentation. The making values are to be appreciated, along with the technical aspects.

Vishwak is trying his hand at non-mainstream films with Gaami. The concept looks fresh and the film’s box office prospects will depend on how the A center audience receive the film. The film is set for its theatrical debut on the 8th of March.