Ram Charan and Shankar’s Game Changer has to be one of the most delayed projects in Telugu cinema. The film has been in the making for over 2 years now, owing to all the breaks in the shoot.

Cut to now, a new leaked pic from the sets of Game Changer has surfaced on social media.

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In this pic, Charan is seen sporting a t-shirt and he appears to be sporting a casual look in the same. This pic is now being extensively reshared by fans on social media.

Needless to say, this is some sort of respite for fans who are deprived of updates on the film. This could be a breather for them to get a glimpse of their hero as the wait for the film’s release gets that much longer.

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But the most important point here is that the team must work on rectifying such mistakes in the future. There have been a handful of leaks on Game Changer already. In fact, the first song itself was leaked much before the release. Now, it’s the case with the on-set pics.

The team must take proactive measures to curb such incidents in the future by safeguarding the content and restricting digital footprint on the sets.

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As for Game Changer, the film is tentatively lined up for release in December this year.