Game Changer is set to captivate NTR fans with its tribute to the legendary leader’s iconic use of the bicycle symbol for the Telugu Desam Party.

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Directed by Shankar and starring Ram Charan, the film reportedly features flashback episodes where Charan’s character utilizes a cycle during a pivotal political movement.

This choice of transportation (cycle) resonates deeply with Telugu audiences, as it harks back to NTR’s historical significance.

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The highlight of the movie is a scene where Charan’s character rides the cycle to the Assembly and eventually ascends to the position of Chief Minister, reminiscent of NTR’s own journey.

These poignant moments are bound to strike a chord with TDP supporters, evoking a sense of nostalgia and pride in their beloved leader’s legacy.

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However, a section of Mega fans might not like Ram Charan giving elevations to NTR in the film. There has been a long-standing rivalry between Sr. NTR fans and Megastar Chiranjeevi fans.

It would be interesting to see how Chiranjeevi fans would react to seeing their idol’s son, Ram Charan, elevating NTR’s image on screen in such a big way.

Game Changer showcases Ram Charan in a dual role, portraying both the younger version of his father alongside Anjali and a modern-day character who rises to become an IAS officer. Kiara Advani co-stars as Charan’s romantic interest in the film.

As Game Changer continues production, fans eagerly anticipate its release, expected in November or December 2024. However, if circumstances dictate, the film may be pushed to a Sankranthi release in the following year.