Gopichand Malineni

After the marginal success of Veera Simha Reddy, Gopichand Malineni is set to announce his next big action movie tomorrow.

Originally, Gopichand was supposed to work with Ravi Teja. The project even began after a formal announcement, but it was shelved permanently for unknown reasons.

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Later, Gopichand pitched a script to Gadar star Sunny Deol. Sunny agreed, and the project will be officially launched tomorrow.

Sunny Deol was a major star in the 90s and 2000s with hits like Border and Gadar. However, he faded away for nearly twenty years without a single hit.

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Last year, he made a comeback with Gadar 2, which grossed 500 crores due to the popularity of the original Gadar.

Despite its mediocre production values and silly storyline, Gadar 2 was a huge success, largely because of the goodwill from the first film, not necessarily Sunny’s stardom.

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Does Gadar 2’s success mean Sunny Deol is back among the top stars? The answer is a No.

Gadar 2 succeeded because of the Gadar brand, not because of Sunny. Before Gadar 2, his film Chup earned less than 10 crores at the box office, and there are low expectations for his next film Suryaa, a remake of the Malayalam hit Joseph. Before Gadar 2 he had become irrelevant and outdated.

Now Gopichand Malineni is taking a huge risk by planning a big-scale action film with Sunny Deol.

However, there’s hope because Sunny still has a strong following, especially in states like Punjab, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. His action films could perform well if they cater to these audiences with over-the-top action scenes.

This project is a good opportunity for Gopichand to tap into the Hindi mass and rural markets with a macho star like Sunny Deol.

Gopichand can go all out with high-octane stunts, which Sunny’s fans will love. It is also what North audiences in Hindi mass belts expect from a South director. He doesn’t need to hold back and can also avoid adding unnecessary romantic subplots, which are often expected in his films with Telugu heroes.

Mythri Movie Makers, in association with People Media Factory, will produce the project.