Director-Harish-Shankar-Pawan-KalyanEver since reports emerged, claiming that Harish Shankar is woking on the Telugu remake of of Theri with Pawan Kalyan in the central role, he has been facing a lot of flak on social media. Pawan’s fans have been calling him out for setting up a remake.

Now, Harish took to Twitter to indirectly teach a less on PK’s fans who have been mocking and abusing him all the while.

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“The cost of expressing views is almost zero. Every one and any one can talk in social media ,but only few can achieve their vision; when entire world was against him he
@elonmusk evolved and conquered!!”.

For those who can’t read between the lines, here’s a deduction of Harish’s tweet. He is mocking fans who’ve been abusing him by stating that it costs nothing to express views and anyone can talk anything on social media. But only a few can achieve their vision – in this case, Harish himself who has achieved his vision of working with Pawan.

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And moreover, there’s no point in abusing Harish Shankar. A section of Pawan’s fans should stick to criticizing only the project but refrain from abusing the director personally. Alas, Harish can materialize a project only if it is approved by Pawan and it can’t be his own decision to make and execute.

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