Tollyowod_Inside_scoopIt is not uncommon for heroes to ask for reshoots if they are not fully satisfied with the output of their films. And more often than not, these films do go for reshoots. But in a new incident, a mid range hero has been shocked by the producer’s response for his request for reshoot.

The said mid range hero is in a struggling phase. He scored a flop and then a hit with his recent films, but his consistency is the issue and he is trying his best to solve the same. He is next to be seen in a period film.

The mid range hero worked with a debut director for this period film which had wrapped the shoot already. However, after watching the final copy, the hero was not fully satisfied with the way things shaped up.

The hero called for reshoots in order to better some portion of the film. But to his dismay, the producer instantly turned down his advancement.

The producer feels he has already spent more than enough money on the project and he doesn’t want to spend anymore on it. He is least bothered about the reshoots.

Moreover, the producer is yet to clear the dues for the cast and crew. So the chances for the film going for reshoots now are near zero. All this while the hero is hoping reshoots can enhance the final copy of the film. The film is in a tricky phase now. We hope it doesn’t come back to haunt the film later.