How Rajinikanth Found Himself in School Textbooks?6th class students who were giving their exam for the CBSE mid-term exam were pleasantly surprised to see a question related to Superstar Rajinikanth. Of course, they have a chapter in the textbook which included the journey of Rajinikanth from a bus conductor to a Superstar.

Education department includes several chapters with certain themes. ‘Art and Culture’ is one such theme. Rajinikanth is, no doubt an achiever in his field. His humility, down to the earth nature and most importantly, the way he acknowledges the friends from his previous days makes his life worthy to be taught to the children.

Both the teachers and the students are happy to see a chapter which has the story of Rajinikanth and also answer questions on him. It must be fun for them. This chapter was included in 6th class textbook of CBSE syllabus. His achievement in the field of Cinema couldn’t be ignored as Cinema happens to be one of the influential and powerful media. What say?