Is Mahesh Babu going through rough patch?
Mahesh Babu, the superstar of Telugu cinema, is not going through a good period. He’s struggling with his career as misfortune seems to hit him from time and again. It all started with the failure of his highly anticipated Telugu film ‘1:Nenokkadine’, which may have garnered critical appreciation but couldn’t even break even commercially.

This was followed by his fall out with India’s big production house UTV, who were supposed to produce his next film with Koratala Siva. However, things took a detour and Mahesh had some misunderstanding with the studio over their protocols and therefore they backed out. This was again followed by the Prakash Raj incident on the sets of Aagadu. That matter was blown out of proportion and Mahesh had to take the heat of the matter on behalf of Prakash and Srinu Vaitla.

All these things seem to have unwanted pressure on Mahesh. Although he’s not expressing all of this but he’s for sure experiencing on a personal level, which is not good for him.