Is Pawan Kalyan re-launching Yuvarajyam?

On a day when the rest of the country was busy with the India versus Pakisthan match, certain Telugu people had other things on mind too and that involved a certain Pawan Kalyan once again. Early in the day the star was in news for his scathing remarks on the politicians for the lack of care on the heath issues of its people and later in the actor for the revival of his political plans.

Well now that everything is out in open and officially confirmed by the actor’s PR. It looks almost certain according to many media sources that the star is going to float a party. Will it be Yuvarajyam again or something new would be known in the coming few days but it looks all certain for sure that the actor is going to try his luck at politics once again. With elections just month’s away one is however not sure what kind of impact Pawan Kalyan is going to create this time around.