Director Mani Ratnam is a very restless man these days. The veteran director has been looking for a big success for a long time but has not been able to get it. Finally after long deliberation the director had set up a big multi-starrer project to get the big elusive hit with stars of Telugu cinema. However that plan went kaput with the actors failing to get required dates.

Mani Ratnam of course is not a director to be deterred by these problems. He has been a hard taskmaster and shrewd producer for a long and anyone who has worked with him can vouch for that. The director had now immediately started looking for an alternative cast that could give him the big hit he is looking for and he has for now targeted the Mega family for this. The director is reportedly in talks with Chiranjeevi and planning to cast the father and son jodi for the film now. If this combination materializes this would surely be a huge biggie generating great buzz. The ball is now in Chiru’s court, we have to see if he accepts it or not.