January Box Office Hanu Man Guntur Kaaram Naa Saami Ranga Saindhav

The first month of 2024 is wrapped up and it has been a fairly good one for the Tollywood box office. Telugu box office has seen nearly Rs 500 crore gross collections this January and here is a look into the same.

Firstly, there is HanuMan which has punched well above its weight to put up well over Rs 250 crores gross at the box office. It is reportedly the all-time highest-grossing Sankranthi film and that is no mean feat. It is a banger in Telugu, Hindi, and overseas box office with huge profits for both domestic and overseas buyers.

Then there is Guntur Kaaram which has ended as a disappointing venture. When the Mahesh-Trivikram combination was announced for Sankranthi release, new benchmarks were expected domestically and particularly overseas.

But in the end, the film grossly underdelivered. The makers reported that the film had grossed over Rs 200 crore though. A better product from Trivikram could have scripted a glorious story at the box office but it wasn’t to be.

Saindhav is a complete washout domestically and overseas. It didn’t even report mention-worthy numbers domestically. Venkatesh is a bankable Sankranthi hero but Saindhav wasn’t the kind of film that would work for him during the Sankranthi season where ‘entertainment’ is the winning genre.

Naa Saami Ranga is a breather for Nagarjuna. It returned decent revenues domestically. The passable product rolled out by Nag and the director worked with the Sankranthi advantage. It disappeared without a trace at the USA box office though.

With HanuMan and GK itself adding Rs 450 crore, the other 50 crore gross came from the other two Sankranthi films, taking the tally to 500 crore. This is a decent start numbers-wise and sets the stage for a big year that is to come with the likes of Kalki, Devara, and Pushpa 2 lined up for release.