Kamal Haasan

Actor-politician Kamal Haasan made a controversial statement on Sunday regarding the recent hooch tragedy that claimed around 53 lives.

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Haasan described the victims as “careless” and criticized them for “exceeding their limit.”

Speaking to reporters after visiting survivors at a local hospital, Kamal Haasan highlighted the prevalence of legal liquor outlets in Tamil Nadu, stating, “In Tamil Nadu, there is enough liquor available; liquor retail outlets of state-run TASMAC outnumber pharmacies.”

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Haasan expressed a mixture of sympathy and criticism towards the victims. “I cannot say I have no sympathies for these victims. But these victims will have to understand they have exceeded their limit, and they have been careless. They have to be careful; they have to take care of their health,” he remarked. He emphasized the need for moderation, adding, “It has to be occasional drinking, social drinking, if at all.”

He further pointed out that overindulgence in anything, whether it be alcohol or sugar, is harmful. “They must understand that exceeding the limit in any form, be it sugar or anything, is bad. And this necessarily is bad,” he stated.

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Kamal Haasan’s statements have triggered severe backlash on social media.

One user accused him of supporting the DMK government by blaming the victims, saying, “They died NOT because they exceeded limits of drinking but because they consumed methanol-adulterated alcohol and they would have died EVEN IF they drank it ONLY ONCE occasionally/socially as you advise.”

Another user expressed outrage at Haasan’s comments, writing, “This is the sad reality that public figures speak such nonsense openly by blaming the victims.”

Criticism also came from those pointing out the contrast between his film roles and real-life actions. “In movies, he plays Indian 2 to eradicate corruption and raise his voice against corrupt leaders and governments. But in reality, he is just a puppet of Dravidian ideology,” one user wrote.

Another commenter harshly criticized Haasan, stating, “The poor victims who died drinking methanol didn’t die exceeding their limits. He must be admitted to a DMK govt. run mental hospital ASAP.”

Amidst this controversy, Kamal Haasan is gearing up for two major releases in the next few weeks: Kalki 2898 AD and Indian 2.