Kamal-Haasan-ShankarFor a while now, Ram Charan’s have been eagerly awaiting an update on RC15. They have been fuming on Dil Raju and team RC15 over the lack of updates on the film.

Cut to now, Charan’s fans are dealt with a bitter shock as Shankar is moving on to Indian 2 and putting RC15 on hold. Here’s one such latest development that is further irking Charan’s fans.

Earlier today, marking Shankar’s birthday, Kamal Haasan shared a tweet, wishing the former a happy birthday. He referred to the former as ‘Indian’, in accordance with the ‘Indian 2’ film that they’re currently working on. Shankar responded to Kamal’s tweet and in turn referred to the latter as ‘Indian’.

The camaraderie between Kamal and Shankar is good to watch but it is not sitting well with Charan’s fans. They are firing on Shankar for moving on to Indian 2, halting RC15, and on top of that not providing any update on the Ram Charan starrer.

As it appears, Kamal Haasan is delivering bad news to Charan’s fans by hijacking Shankar while RC15 is halfway through the shoot.