Lessons To Learn From National Cinema DayOwing to the celebration of National Cinema Day on September 23, and slashed ticket prices to Rs. 75 across the nationwide cinemas, all the films performed exceedingly well.

Several cinemas, including high-end multiplexes, reported houseful shows across the country. Almost 70 Lakh tickets were sold yesterday on the occasion of National Cinema Day.

PVR also offered a cold drink along with popcorn for the audience today at only Rs. 99. This also proved to be a huge attraction for the audience which resulted in huge footfalls.

Yesterday’s rush proved that the public is ready to come to multiplexes if ticket prices and food rates are affordable.

Along with astronomical ticket prices, the high rates of food and beverages also drill a hole in the audience’s pockets. Recently a multiplex chain owner said that popcorn and cool drink rates are high in multiplexes because they have to cover the rentals and maintenance charges of the multiplexes as well.

But the multiplex owners must realize that if the audience comes to watch movies in multiplexes then it will not only benefit them but also the other businesses in the mall.

But if the audience doesn’t come to multiplexes because of high ticket rates, and costly food & beverages, then other businesses in the mall will also get affected.

People like to visit a multiplex located inside a mall because of the good sound system, comfortable seats, and other facilities which give them a fulfilling experience. But if the ticket and food rates are high, then they will prefer to sit at home and watch films on OTT. This will spell doom not only for multiplexes but for other businesses inside the mall as well.

Keeping the bigger benefits in view, the multiplex owners should reduce the price of F&B also along with tickets which will be a win-win situation for everyone concerned.