Mahesh Babu is currently working on gaining the desired physique for his film with SS Rajamouli which is bound to hit the floors sooner or later. But the matter of fact now is that Mahesh’s fandom is the least happiest amongst all the elite league star fandoms in Tollywood.

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Incidentally, all other top 6 stars, except Mahesh have their films lined up for release in the coming months.

NTR has Devara in September, Bunny has Pushpa 2 in December, Ram Charan’s Game Changer is tentatively lining up Diwali, and Prabhas’s Kalki is arriving in under a week. Then, based on Deputy CM Pawan’s schedule, HHVM could also be arriving sometime this year.

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Notably, Mahesh is the only hero who will have no release at least for the next 2-3 years, considering Rajamouli’s work rate. With this being Rajamouli’s immediate next outing after global sensation RRR, he is bound to be extra careful which could mean elongated work schedules.

But at the end of it all, Mahesh will have a winning celluloid that has global prospects attributed to it, apart from the obvious pan-Indian appeal. The brand image of Rajamouli will boost this film to new horizons and thus benefit the main man Mahesh.

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For now, Mahesh might make his fans cry with no immediate release while his contemporaries are arriving in the coming months, but the wait will certainly be worth it. That’s the price you have to pay to work with the master craftsman of Rajamouli.