Pawan Mahesh NTR honest speechThe thing that immediately strikes our mind when we speak of Telugu cinema is the glitzy audio launch affairs. These audio launches no matter how routine they have become still are held because of the only reason that it serves the dual purpose of commencement of the promotion of the film and star at the center of it finding himself more endearing to the fans with his words in the form of speech. So here we look at the top 3 speeches from our stars in the year so far and see which was the most honest among them.

First we look at the Jr NTR speech from the Baadshah audio function. The function of this most anticipated movie of the summer was called off as a fan of the star died in the stampede at the audio launch. Jr NTR immediately put an end to the function after he came to know of the death with his fan and concluded it with emotional speech then won him many praises. However there are many who feel this shows the intellect and spontaneity of the actor in terms of handling the situation and making the best of use of it with his words.

Next one on the list is Pawan Kalyan’s speech at the ‘Thank You’ function of the film Atharintiki Daredi. The actor is always known to speak his heart out and this is what basically connects him to his fans. But at this function there was more to this speech. After ages people and fans got to see the aggressive side of the actor in any movie related event. His whole demeanor and attitude and revelation of the conspiracy theory became the talk of the town. It helped in film’s run later but till now we haven’t had any movement on the conspiracy theory which definitely makes few cynical about the whole thing.

Finally the usually reserved and calm going Mahesh Babu opened up a bit at the recently launched audio function of his film 1 Nenokkadine. The actor’s straight and simple, to the point words, with emotion properly placed won him a lot of brownie points among the fans and the audience. With no controversy involved or nothing cynical to think about, this speech stands for is simplicity and honesty making it the top in our list of the most honest speeches of the year 2013.

Which among these three speeches have you connected with the most and would like to revisit sometime in future if you think about these stars. Who in your opinion was more genuine and was true to his words? Share us your thoughts.