konidela NagababuEveryone who has been following the recent developments pertaining to Bheemla Nayak can easily understand that the YS Jagan-led AP government is doing everything it can to oppress the film’s theatrical run in Andhra Pradesh.

In this context, Pawan Kalyan‘s brother Naga Babu made a string of interesting comments.

“Jagan Reddy might be doing all he can to irk Pawan Kalyan. But he should be aware that he will be in power for just 5 years and he will have to contest in elections again. He is not China’s Jinping, Russia’s Putin, or North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. He might be in power today but things will change sooner or later.” Naga Babu said,

Adding further, the mega brother said “Barring one or two, individuals, no one from the film industry condemned the AP govt’s direct attack on Pawan Kalyan. No one even tweeted against it. But never mind, of anyone from Tollywood faces such oppression from any government in the future, we will stand by them.”

Naga Babu’s comment is now drawing a new question. Observers are asking Naga Babu where he was while Nani, who openly supported Pawan Kalyan during the ticket prices issue, was facing a tough situation during the theatrical release of Shyam Singha Roy. The common opinion now is that Naga Babu is saying he will stand by Tollywood if needed, but he did not care to speak about the troubles Shyam Singha Roy faced in Andhra Pradesh.