New Directors: Clean Your Mess Before Damaging a Film!Social media is an unforgiving place. Nithiin’s  Macherla Niyojakavargam director MS Rajasekhar Reddy is getting to learn it the hard way as netizens are digging up his old tweets in which he used abusive language on a political party and made some nasty trolls.

The director and Nithiin have claimed that a particular tweet is fake but it has already sparked a big controversy. People are asking if the community that the director has abused should avoid the film now.

But what needs to be noted here is that it is about time that Tollywood acts on this matter. Any sense of negativity on a film due to the director or crew’s previous social media comments cause irreparable damage to the film.

For instance, the director’s hatred tweets has casted a negative impression on Macherla Niyojakavargam now. This isn’t what Nithiin would’ve wanted ahead of the film’s release.

There’s a common trend in the IT and software industry where the employer goes through the social media handles of their prospects before hiring them. This is to make sure they don’t have anti-social track record that can later affect the company’s image.

This is unnecessary trauma and financial losses that production houses have to go through all for reasons that they wouldn’t have anticipated.

Perhaps it is time for Tollywood producers and heroes also to check the social media handles of new directors in order to avoid mishaps later. In case, there is problematic content, the social media handles should be cleaned up.