Not-too-Big-For-Bhumika's-Shoes-Again!---SavyasachiIn Nani’s ‘MCA’, senior actress Bhumika has got a role that is too big for her shoes and it looked like an actress like Jyothika could have been a better choice to make the real impact needed for the character which is etched on serious lines.

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Earlier, Nani revealed that even Suriya’s wife Jyothika was considered for the role. But, the makers finally chose Bhumika. Now, the actress with a soft image is going to make a cameo appearance in Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming movie ‘Savyasachi’ being helmed by Chandoo Mondeti.

This role is said to be a key role in the movie and they needed a familiar face to play that impactful role. After watching Bhumika in ‘MCA’, we only hope that the makers cast her in a role which she can truly carry rather than overhyping her like it happened for ‘MCA’.

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