NTR Biopic Audio ReviewWell, the comparison is unavoidable due to the way, the biopics have been positioned. Mahanati on legendary actress Savitri came without expectations and created a sensation. The music played a crucial role in its success, post the release of the film. It is in this aspect NTR Biopic is likely to fail, but we are not writing it off now before watching it. We look at the element before the arrival, and there is no comparison at all.

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NTR biopics music by MM Keeravani feels archaic. It seems from an age older than the legend NTR himself. It is not that the music has to be contemporary or appeal to the youth etc. but the overall sound feels very dated. Some portions feel like music created for a mythological movie. Maybe that’s the cue given to the veteran MD.

Among all the songs ‘Rajashri’ stands out. However, even that gets boring after few listens and is dependent on visuals. Grand and arresting picturization could make the music grow beyond the release and survive. As of now, the album as a standalone is lackluster on the whole after giving it multiple listens.

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