One Crore SettlementIt is common for films to get cancelled at any stage of production due to creative differences. But a recent grinding halt of a project has costed a hero dearly.

This hero agreed to do a film with a actor-director. And after an elaborate journey, he called off the project. This resulted in a big tussle and an ugly public brawl.

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The hero then returned the Rs 50 lakh advance he took from the director, who was also producing the film. But just as everyone thought the issue was settled, the director set out to take legal action against the hero.

But he was stopped in his tracks by Tollywood senior personalities. They then called the hero and director for a settlement meeting.

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The hero was then made to agree to pay Rs 1 crore in damages to the director- producer.

The hero paid the amount and is now feeling bad about what happened. He is calling his friends and saying he was clearly discriminated by the seniors and he had to unnecessarily lose 1 crore from his pocket.

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The hero is distraught that he lost a crore from his pocket even though he was just trying to escape from a bad film and had high ground even if the issue went legal.

But then, the involvement of the industry biggies and also some political pressure, he was cornered, he feels.