Pawan KalyanPawan Kalyan has been on a surprisingly long signing spree. He has announced multiple new projects and will be a busy man for the next year or so.

Pawan is set to collaborate with Sujeeth for OG which is one of the more promising films in his immediate lineup and also then there’s Ustaad with Harish Shankar.

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However, Pawan isn’t likely to take either of these projects onto the floors immediately. He is reportedly set to start working on the Telugu remake of Vinodhaya Sitham. This could be his immediate next project after Hari Hara Veera Mallu.

Well, Pawan has launched two interesting projects, but he looks set to take another lesser-exciting project onto the floors.

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But this is entirely based on the pace of the production and the readiness of the directors. And more so, given that Pawan might be wrapping the remake project much quicker as he is not playing a full-fledged role in the same.

So, there’s not too much to read into, so as to why Pawan isn’t starting the ones with Sujeeth and Harish.

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