Politicians do resort to the help of flying machines in the electoral seasons to commute to various places so as to save time in the crucial juncture. In the context of our state, Chandra Babu is highest flying politician by taking 15 chartered flights in the past two weeks. Closely following him is actor cum politician Pawan Kalyan who took 11 flights in two weeks. Next in the list are TRS Supremo Chandrasekhar Rao and Mr Ponnala Lakshmaiah, Telangana Congress Committee President who made 10 trips each in the last two weeks.

At current rates, each trip will cost three to eight lakhs for a chartered flight. Begumpet Airport which was mostly barren is becoming busy these days with the buzz of these chartered flights.All the political parties have already booked flights in advance for their election campaigns. Experts expect the rush to get double in the next three days and last for the coming three weeks.