Srinivas AvasaralaPhalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi released in theaters the other day and it’s going rather unnoticed at the domestic box office. But the film is on an arguably decent run in the USA.

The film has collected a shade over $50K till now. This might not be a substantially big number but given the reception for the trailer and the teaser, this is a decent number.

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It is evident that Avasarala Srinivas brand has worked a fair bit in the USA. He still has credibility amongst the USA audience even after 7 long years of his directorial project (Jyo Achyutananda) and hence the okayish number.

The film has no star value nor does it have a great buzz leading into the pre release hype, so the USA number is clearly in connection with the director’s credibility.

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However, the director has wasted the opportunity as he hasn’t come up with a winning film that would’ve otherwise worked more in its favor at least in the USA.