Over the last couple of days, a viral tweet on Prabhas has been trending on social platforms. This is a tweet from a Hindi cinema follower who opined that Prabhas is overrated and must have retired after Baahubali 2. This tweet has garnered nearly 1 million views already.

There are several Hindi folk who have joined in the narrative and said Prabhas is overrated. This tweet is trending a lot now.

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But the point that must be noted by this Hindi folk is that Prabhas is doing the kind of films that even Bollywood stars can’t afford.

Like for instance, Kalki, regardless of its merits and demerits, is the kind of film that can marketed only through Prabhas. No Bollywood star can carry or market such a huge canvas film.

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Even in the case of Salaar, barring possibly Hrithik Roshan, no other hero could have pulled off such a massy larger-than-life action role.

Prabhas might not be making great films consistently, but he sure is consistently making different genre films. He is not sticking to the commercial genre just for the sake of safe bets.

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Yes, there might be hiccups along the line but offering something new and big to the audience everytime is where Prabhas is succeeding. This can be observed in the form of openings his films are getting. Barring Radhe Shyam, every film of Prabhas opened big, showing audience’s trust in him.

With the audience so receptive of Prabhas, this crying from certain Hindi folk will not account for much, we must say.