Prabhas’ Salaar was released in Japan on July 5th, nearly seven months after its original release.

During its opening weekend, the Prabhas-led action film earned JPY 18.22 million (USD 113K) across nearly 200 locations. This marks the third-largest opening for an Indian film in recent times, behind RRR and Saaho, according to trade analysts.

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The top opening weekends for Indian films in Japan recently are:
– RRR (2023) – JPY 45 million
– Saaho (2020) – JPY 23 million
– Salaar (2024) – JPY 18 million
– Pathaan (2023) – JPY 15 million
– Dangal (2018) – JPY 12 million

The film’s first week is expected to reach around JPY 28 million, compared to RRR’s JPY 75 million and Saaho’s JPY 50 million.

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Japan’s film market is unique, and success isn’t solely determined by the first week or weekend. Films can run for extended periods and show unpredictable trends, as seen with Baahubali 2 and RRR.

Baahubali 2 started with just JPY 7 million on its opening weekend and went on to gross over JPY 350 million, while RRR grossed JPY 2.4 billion from an opening weekend of just JPY 44.35 million.

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However, Salaar’s initial response isn’t as strong as those of RRR and Baahubali 2. It might trend similar to Saaho which had an okay run in Japan.

The past few years have seen an increase in Telugu films being released in Japan, with promising results as they start to carve out a niche.

It’s truly remarkable that even average or below-average films of Prabhas, like Saaho and Salaar, are doing big numbers in Japan. This success might be largely due to the goodwill generated by Baahubali 2.

Despite this, Prabhas has the potential to further improve his market in Japan, as there is still a lot of scope. Meanwhile, SS Rajamouli has already established himself as the top Indian star in Japan with the success of Baahubali and RRR.

We have to see how Kalki 2898 AD fares in Japan as the premise of that film might resonate more with the Japanese audience.

With regular releases, Japan could become a significant market for Prabhas’ films, boosting their worldwide collections.