Prabhas Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Sandeep Reddy Vanga has become a sensation of sorts after Animal’s phenomenal success. Recently during an interview that is going viral, he shared insights about his interaction with Prabhas during the pandemic and his upcoming project, “Spirit.”

He said that during the pandemic, Prabhas approached Vanga with a Hollywood remake offer while Vanga was busy scripting “Animal.” However, Vanga politely declined, expressing his preference for original ideas over remakes.

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It is so strange and weird that Prabhas suggested a remake to Vanga, considering Vanga’s reputation for robust original storytelling and distinct narrative style.

Yes, Animal hadn’t happened then yet. Even considering that scenario, Prabhas asking the director of Arjun Reddy to do a remake is baffling.

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Prabhas who has a family-friendly image might have felt Vanga’s eccentric style wasn’t aligned with his usual audience, hence opting for a safer choice like a Hollywood remake. But if we think about it, Prabhas’ offer was nothing short of a blunder.

It is even more strange that Prabhas agreed to do an original film (Radhe Shyam) with someone like Radha Krishna and he wanted to remake a Hollywood film with the director of Arjun Reddy. Simply ridiculous.

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It exposes Prabhas’ narrow mindset which is not ready to take the right kind of risks in his film choices. This is the reason why Prabhas has not been able to score the big hits he deserves.

Kudos to Vanga who stood firm and chose to pursue originality. Any other director would have eagerly accepted such a tempting offer of directing a pan-India star like Prabhas.