Prashanth Neel Koratala SivaPrashanth Neel, with just two KGF films, has established himself as a brand for elevating mass heroes. Despite having directed only two films under the same title, the impact has been immense.

Following Salaar, Neel has NTR’s film in his upcoming lineup. Meanwhile, Koratala Siva is eager to make a mass comeback with NTR’s Devara.

When Prashanth Neel directed Yash, it was a first for Yash, making any comparisons difficult. Even for Prabhas’s Salaar, he hasn’t played a mass role in a long time, it should be relatively easier for Neel to bring out the best in him.

However, with NTR, Koratala is working relentlessly to deliver a true mass film, something NTR hasn’t done in several years.

If Koratala succeeds in delivering high-octane mass sequences, it could pose a challenge for Neel to match and surpass them, as his film with NTR is up next, and both films are targeting massy roles for NTR.

Let’s see how these two directors deliver and impress.