The paparazzi culture is extremely popular in the Bollywood circuit. Every day, hundreds or even thousands of photos of actors and actresses outside gyms, airports, and restaurants are shared on social media. In these pics, these actors and actresses often pose like they are surprised by the presence of the camera personnel here.

Naturally, the viewers might wonder how these camera personnel know exactly when and where to be to capture these Bollywood actors. However, the story behind the same has been revealed by actress Priyamani who ventured into Bollywood with her Hindi OTT show Family Man.

She revealed that these paparazzi photos of Bollywood actors is not organic but instead a properly planned one.

“In my early days, I didn’t know the story behind these paps. But I was later explained that these actors and actresses have to pay these photographers and give them the list of places that they will be visiting to have their pictures taken. It is an elaborate process. It is not like the paps magically show up at places where these actors will be. These actors themselves pay these paps and give them the locations.” Priyamani revealed.

This comment from the actress is going viral on social media now and Telugu netizens are shocked by the paparazzi culture and the shocking ‘photo’ fantasy of these Bolly stars. “All these years, I wondered how the paparazzi would always be able to present at locations where stars will appear. I am shocked to know that these actors themselves pay these photographers and give them the locations. What is the need for this photo fantasy of these stars?” a netizen commented.