Pushpa 2 Hindi

The release of the “Pushpa Pushpa” song from Pushpa 2 sparked high anticipation among fans. Even in Hindi, there was huge excitement about the song due to the popularity of the Pushpa brand.

The song tries to capture the vibe of the Pushpa character, and Allu Arjun’s performance is amazing. Its musical composition falls slightly short of the high expectations associated with a potential blockbuster.

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The lyrics also give it a feel of a South Indian song dubbed in Hindi.

The film garnered 13 Million views with 580K+ likes in the first 24 hours on YouTube which is a great number but more was expected.

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The Hindi version of the song is doing better than the original Telugu version which achieved 10.2 Million views with 560 K+ likes in 24 hours.

This shows the Hindi market is more than eager to consume Pushpa 2. If the song was better than what has been delivered, 25 Million views in 24 hours was a cakewalk.

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The song has been well-received but it could have done so much better.

Adipurush’s songs Jai Shri Ram and Ram Siya Ram garnered 30+ Million views in Hindi in the first 24 hours. Salaar’s first song Sooraj garnered only 1.5 Million views in the first 24 hours.

So the Pushpa Pushpa song is doing much better than Salaar but less than Adipurush. The like count is very good, however.

Pushpa 2 is expected to break records left, right, and center not only at the box office but in other departments as well. But the song released hasn’t turned out to be that big hit as of now. Maybe after the release, the song might grow.

Let’s hope Pushpa 2 makers take it as a warning bell and come up with better stuff in the coming days.