Pushpa 2

According to Hindi trade experts, Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2 has clinched one of the biggest deals for its release in North India. Anil Thadani paid a whopping Rs 200 crore in advance to get the rights to show the movie in theaters there.

This deal is the biggest ever in North India, even bigger than deals before the pandemic. The previous highest was Jawan which was around 160 crores. This record deal is because of Allu Arjun’s huge fan base and the popularity of Pushpa in North India.

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So the film’s Hindi version has to collect a minimum of 400 crores net to break even and be declared a success.

Thadani has bought the film on an advance basis so he will collect MGs (minimum guarantee) from exhibitors in higher ratios than that. So for those exhibitors to be safe, the film will need to do ₹450 crores.

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So crossing KGF 2 lifetime business in Hindi would be Pushpa 2’s minimum target.

Interestingly, there were no buyers for Pushpa Part 1 initially, and the producers faced challenges in finding distributors in the north. Now, Pushpa 2 has clinched an all-time record deal, a phenomenal turnaround.

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If god forbid anything goes wrong, then Anil Thadani and exhibitors have to face huge losses. But Thadani looks confident about Pushpa 2 turning out to be a profitable venture for him.

For Mythri Movies, the producers of Pushpa, this sequel has turned into a jackpot. While they might not have seen substantial profits with the first part, the second installment is shaping up to be a lottery for them.