Mahesh Babu

One of the complaints from the anti-fans of Mahesh Babu has been about his consistently similar looks in all his recent films. Barring the long-hair look in Guntur Kaaram, Mahesh’s looks in all his recent films have been very similar. But that might not be the case anymore as the main man Rajamouli has stepped in for the job.

In a set of pics of Mahesh, the star hero is seen in a long-haired look. It isn’t like this long hair look is of standard style like in Guntur Kaaram. It can be understood that Mahesh is on the brink of a makeover with this new look.

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Rajamouli is known for showing his heroes in the most masculine way possible and one can’t be surprised if he is following a similar track for Mahesh’s film.

By the looks of it, it is seemingly clear that Mahesh is growing uncharacteristically long hair and a slight beard as well. Given that this is going to be an adventure drama, the chances are that Mahesh will sport a rugged look and this is exactly what fans have been waiting for all along.

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Mahesh Babu will be dedicating a good 2 years to this film and the main man Rajamouli should be covering all the bases including looks, mannerisms, character build, and every aspect that fans have been yearning for.