Rajamouli & MMK: Being Unfair To Kalabhairava!Karthikeya 2 is turning out to be a money spinner for the makers. The film is doing great business across the country, including the Hindi belt. And Kalabhairava’s outstanding BGM is also one of the key factors contributing to its success.

Kalabhairava scored perfect background music in the film, which heightened the experience of watching Karthikeya 2. He was neither sober nor over-the-top. His use of slokas and mantras in between also elevated many of the scenes, which resulted in many goosebumps moments for the audience.

Tollywood needs more original composers like Bhairava. Except for DSP and Thaman, we don’t have many prominent music composers who can deliver a rousing BGM. But after Karthikeya 2, the industry has found another option in the form of Kalbhairava.

It is well-known that Kalabhairava is the son of the noted music composer MM Keeravani. Visionary director SS Rajamouli is his uncle. But both haven’t promoted Kalabhairava enough.

Many people on social media are saying that it is so unfair of Keeravani and SS Rajamouli  not to promote such talent as Kalabhairava. Because of this, he is restricted to small-budget movies, and big filmmakers are still rubbing Thaman and DSP on the audience.

It’s high time the industry veterans come out and promote new talent.