Mahesh Babu Fans: Rajamouli Ledu Bokka LeduMaster craftsman SS Rajamouli is inclined towards larger than life projects post Baahubali. One of the best ways to attain such status is by materializing crazy multistarrers. His RRR has Jr NTR and Ram Charan in the lead roles and this exciting collaboration is one of the main reasons behind the humongous hype surrounding the film.

Rajamouli is set to collaborate with Mahesh Babu for his next project and now, an interesting update on the project is making headlines.

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There are reports claiming that Rajamouli plans to cast Nandamuri Balakrishna for Mahesh Babu’s project. The idea might be to bring together two of Telugu cinema’s contrasting personalities together, which would ultimately boost the hype surrounding the film.

However, this speculation is not sitting well with Mahesh’s fans. They are venting out on Rajamouli for the same.

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“We don’t want a multistarrer. It is either you(Mahesh) doing a solo film or nothing. Else, Rajamouli ledu bokka ledu(we don’t care even if it’s Rajamouli’s project).” Mahesh’s fans say.

Mahesh’s fans further argue that Rajamouli’s films anyway take 2-3 years and at the end of it, they don’t even get to see their favorite hero in a full-fledged manner as multistarrers are a two-way proposition and the focus will also be diverted towards the other hero in the film.

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Even Jr NTR’s fans have a similar opinion on RRR. They feel their hero allocated over 3 years for the project and after all that, they are served a multistarrer with Ram Charan having half the emphasis.

But given the kind of respect Rajamouli commands now, it is near impossible for a hero to say no to his ideas or method of operation. Moreover, in case of RRR, both Jr NTR and Ram Charan are same generation heroes, so there might have been a difference in opinion amongst fans.

But with SSMB29, Rajamouli appears to be planning to rope in a senior hero like Balakrishna, so it isn’t too much of a problem. As of now, Mahesh’s fans are overreacting, we must say.