Superstar RajinikanthIn today’s Jailer’s Success Meet, Superstar Rajinikanth stirred quite a buzz with his candid remarks. While some applaud his honesty, others criticize him for possibly downplaying director Nelson’s contributions.

During the event, Rajinikanth went super candid and even called his own blockbuster film just average. Yes, you read that correctly!

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Thalaivar, discussing Jailer, expressed that after viewing the film without re-recording, he found it to be on the average to above-average side. It was only after music director Anirudh’s re-recording that Rajini was astounded by how Anirudh’s background score elevated the film to another level.

In essence, he indirectly implied that director Nelson had crafted an average film, and it was Anirudh’s outstanding work that transformed it into the blockbuster it is today.

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While what he said isn’t entirely false, some argue that Rajini might have been more considerate of Nelson’s role as the writer and director of Jailer, which ultimately gave him a much-needed blockbuster after many, many years.