Rakul-Preet-Singh-Continues-Defending-Herself-@Casting-CouchRakul Preet Singh had been on the receiving end when she literally said that she didn’t experience casting couch in the Telugu Film Industry and feels that it is the securest place for any actress to work.

In a recent interview, she was asked the same question again for denying that there exists casting couch in the film industry. Rakul stuck to her point and said that she would only speak for herself and what she had experienced. But, she made a point clear by asking who will invest Rs. 100 crore just because a girl is easy to get.

She also reminded the girls that the world is very opportunistic and it may advantage of anyone. It means that she is pointing fingers at other places where girls as seen as sexual objects but only the film industry is blamed because it had a lot of glamour and curiosity factors attached to it. Maybe, she is right.