Ram CharanRecently Ram Charan started his second production house along with UV Creations’ Vikram called V Mega Pictures. They will be collaborating with Abhishek Agarwal for a big-budget patriotic film. A poster was also released, which showed just the hand of the leading actor without revealing his name or face.

After seeing this impressive pre-look, Akkineni fans wanted that the actor in this project to be Akhil Akkineni. They expected that doing a nationalistic film produced by Abhishek Agrawal, who has become a prominent name on the pan-India level after The Kashmir Files and Karthikeya 2, would do wonders for Akhil’s career. Also, Ram Charan’s brand value would add great hype to the project.

Akhil Akkineni and UV Creations are already planning to collaborate to make a film. So many Akkineni fans expected that this new film, announced in collaboration with Ram Charan, UV Creations, and Abhishek Agrawal, would star none other than Akhil Akkineni.

Now, the makers have released the teaser of the film titled The India House, and it is revealed that Nikhil is going to play the hero in this film, targeted at Pan-Indian audiences.

Akkineni fans are majorly disappointed with this development and announcement.

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