The makers of Ram Charan’s upcoming project with Sukumar announced that the film, tentatively titled RC17 will be hitting the floors towards the end of this year and it will hit the big screens in the last quarter of 2025.

While everything about this project sounds good, the only unrealistic thing is the timeline that has been announced – 2025 end release.

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If we talk about the hard facts, Charan is still occupied with Game Changer which has been in the making for nearly 30 months. He has the film with Buchi Babu in the line up which is scheduled to commence immediately after Game Changer is done, or perhaps even simultaneously in case GC takes more time to wrap the shoot.

Given the pan India canvas of Charan and Buchi Babu film, it could also be in the making stage for a while.

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Then if we come to Sukumar’s film with Charan, it hitting the floors by the end of this year itself is going to be a challenge. One thing is that Sukumar is currently occupied with Pushpa 2 and he first needs to complete the project and then work on the pre-production of the Charan starrer. Charan, on the other hand, will have Buchi Babu’s film in production towards the end of the year. Can he accommodate Sukumar’s film in that case?

Moreover, Sukumar always runs on extended timelines with his desire for perfection. Commencing the film is under the producer’s control, but not even Sukumar knows when his films will complete production. So the announced released plan for the end of 2025 sounds too unrealistic for now. The question is – Will we at least see Buchi Babu’s film by the end of 2025?

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