Ravi TejaIf there is one thing that Ravi Teja had been struggling to do, it would be maintaining consistency. If he scores a hit with one film, his successive films are turning out to be duds.

After scoring a hit with Krack, Ravi Teja rolled out Khiladi and Rama Rao On Duty which disappeared without a trace at the box office.

Then came Dhamaka, which had a pretty good run at the box office, thanks to commercial aspects like Sri Leela’s energy, good songs, and viral bit songs. Either way, it should be termed a good hit. Waltair Veerayya ran with seasonal advantage and moreover, it can’t be credited to Ravi Teja.

Now, Ravi Teja has arrived at theaters with Ravanasura. After a mildly decent start, the film collapsed over the weekend and it is struggling now.

So, Ravi Teja has followed his narrative of climbing up a step with a hit film and then coming crashing down with a flop. This happened after Khiladi, and it is now happening after Dhamaka.

Perhaps the audience only want Ravi Teja to do mass commercial films like Krack and Dhamaka and avoid films like RamaRao On Duty and Ravanasura. Well, it is up to Ravi Teja to interpret and assess the trend and act accordingly.