RRR Pre-release Event: Domination Talk Started Already!The grand pre-release event of RRR is set to be held at Chikballapur, Bengaluru on the 19th of this month. Incidentally, Jr NTR and Ram Charan’s fans have started the customary domination talk pertaining to the pre-release event.

Ram Charan‘s fans are sharing videos related to the release day celebrations of Vinaya Vidheya Rama at cinema theatres in Chikballapur and are irking NTR‘s fans, saying they will completely dominate RRR’s event, which, coincidentally, will be held at Chikballapur.

In response, NTR’s fans are saying they outrightly dominated RRR’s promotional tour in Bengaluru which was held in December. “When Ram Charan was making his way onto the dias, we shouted Jai NTR slogans. There was nothing you could do back then, and there is nothing you can do at the upcoming pre-release event.” A Jr NTR fan on Twitter read.

Well, these kind of provocative talks are expected to take the center stage right before RRR’s release. But NTR and Charan’s fans are at it already. Well, this is one of the complications when bringing two heroes from warring camps together.

We can expect these provocative talks to worsen after RRR’s release as fans will start quarelling about the performances of the two heroes and the weightage of their characters.