Sai Dharam Tej Still Not Learning Or Getting A LifelineSo, it now looks confirmed that Sai Dharam Tej will do director Parasuram’s next. There are two ways to look at it, and for the sake of the actor, we hope the second version turns out to be true.

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Coming to the first issue, once again Sai Dharam Tej is doing a combo film. The expectation here seems to be to get openings even if the film fails rather than get a sharp subject where there is a recovery in the long run. Besides Supreme, others like Winner and Intilligent that came after director scored hits were disasters. One gets a feeling that the actor has still not learned from the mistakes.

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Now to the positive aspect, the track record of Geetha Arts. The movie will be produced on GA banner which in the past decade has maintained a firm hold on the content. It can be seen as a lifeline based on their judgment skills rather than the hero. It is a risky choice for the actor undoubtedly as a failure here could be fatal to the future of the career.

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