Sai-Pallavi-Marriage-RumoursAs M9 had reported a couple of days ago, there have been wild rumors about Sai Pallavi, a mainstream star actress. There were snaps of Sai Pallavi alongside a man, both in garlands, saying she got silently married.

These pics were quickly gunned down as fake ones, but they appear to have taken an emotional toll on Sai Pallavi.

The actress had an emotional reaction to these rumors and the set of pics and shared a social media post about the same.

“Honestly, I don’t care for Rumours but when it involves friends who are family, I have to speak up. An image from my film’s pooja ceremony was intentionally cropped and circulated with paid bots & disgusting intentions.”

“When I have pleasant announcements to share on my work front, it’s disheartening to have to explain for all these jobless doings. To cause discomfort like this is purely vile!” she tweeted.

It is one thing to share rumors, but it is a lot more hurtful to share offensive pics of an actress, taken completely out of context, just for gaining attention on social media.