Sai PallaviSocial media is a hostile place and there are often demeaning and hurtful posts here pertaining to actors and actresses. Here’s one such post involving Sai Pallavi.

A short while ago, multiple posts of Sai Pallavi surfaced on social media and they claimed that the actress got married.

There were photos of Sai Pallavi alongside a man with both wearing garlands. These were projected as the marriage pics of the actress. These posts went viral in no time.

But the real fact is that these pics are from the launch of Tamil star Sivakarthikeyan’s recent film, where Sai Pallavi plays the female lead. These pics are of Pallavi and the director of the film.

These pics were framed in such a way that it was projected as if Sai Pallavi got married. But as it turned out, this story was spun around pics of Sai Pallavi from a film launch.